In the last week two new photo software programs have become available.  Lightroom 4 beta is being tested until the end of March and Snapseed for Mac (desktop) is building on its popular iPad/iPhone app.  I hope to put the new Lightroom through its paces over the next few months but I did manage to experiment with Snapseed this weekend.  We went for a brisk (as in the weather was brisk) walk along the south side of False Creek and I snapped a few photos.  I imported these into the new desktop version of Snapseed hit a few presets, adjusted some sliders and got an almost infinite amount of different looks.  It’s great software for producing “art” photography or just plain “foolin’ around” and it’s very easy to use. It’s too early for me to comment on Lightroom 4 beta, although it seems to run more slowly than the current LR 3 version.



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Art? Gimmick? Fun!

I used to think I was a photo purist (snob, maybe)!  I thought that a re-touched or altered photograph went against all the principles of great photography, after all I was (and still am) a fan of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Robert Capa, Edward Weston et al.

But then, as I was exposed to more photographic art and photographers, I realized that most photographs were manipulated in some way:  the position of the camera, the choice of lenses, the type of lighting.  Now, with the advent of digital cameras, high-powered computers and complex photo software, anything is possible….and I’m going to embrace it.

Digitally manipulated photographs may not be for everyone or for all situations, but it sure can be fun to play around with sliders and presets and see what a mundane snapshot can look like with a little digital manipulation.  I’ve recently discovered another Nik Software product called Snapseed, an app designed for iPhone and iPad.  It is intuitive,  incredibly easy to use and has features from basic editing  to a multitude of  special effects.


After with Snapseed adjustments



One could spend hours, if not days working through all the possibilities, all for $4.99 CDN at iTunes.  Try it with your “point and shoot” or directly from your iPhone.  The two images above were shot on my Canon 7D and loaded onto my iPad, then manipulated in Snapseed.  I then re-imported into Lightroom 3 for some final tweaking and voila….art? Gimmick?  Maybe – but most of all, it was FUN!

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