In My Yard

Sunny backyard, cloudy front yard, same day. Two different photos, both shot with a Canon 5d Mk II and an 85 f1.8

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A Photographic Journey through 2011

As a blogger (am I really?) it seems “de rigueur” to post a recap of  one’s annual highs and lows, best of, achievements etc.  Uh….I don’t think I’ll bother, or bore you with that.

I would, instead, like to highlight some favourite images from my files of 2011.  Many have personal significance, others will remind me of places I’ve travelled, and most are just photos that I happen to like.  I started culling images from my files two weeks ago hoping to finish with twelve images, one for every month.  How can one define a year in twelve images. Impossible!  I hope you enjoy this selection.

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2012, and thanks for reading.

Trying a letterbox approach to landscape photography

My most viewed image on Flickr – 685 views and counting

Barry’s Roubaix – the most epic weather I’ve photographed in.  This photo and two others from this race were featured in a gallery in Canadian Cycling Magazine this spring.

Harry Jerome – I shot this while shooting a cover for Spacing Magazine.  I submitted it with the cover image and they liked it enough to run it full-page inside the magazine.

Many of you probably don’t know that I love photographing tulips.  This is my attempt at “art” photography.

My wife and I spent a month travelling in Italy.   We rented an apartment in an old restored farmhouse near San Gimignano in Tuscany for a week and this was my view from the lawnchair.

Enjoying our morning coffee on our patio in Tuscany

Catching a stage of the Giro d’Italia when it came through Ravenna was amazing, if fleeting, when the peloton came through town at 60 km/hr.

We were in Milan for the final time trial of the Giro and the presentations of the winners in the Piazza del Duomo with several thousand other cycling fanatics.  It was a great gesture by the organizers to pay tribute to Wouter Weyland (#108) of Leopard Trek, who died after a crash in an earlier stage of the race.

I love photographing the local bike races and watching my son race

Shooting the Tuesday night crits at UBC was always fun and a great way to hone my skills.  I was fortunate to have this image chosen for the 2012 Rocky Mountain Bicycle catalogue.  Thanks Kevin!

Our old gal, Frankie

We spent a few days on Shuswap Lake with my brother and his family

A weekend camping with my daughter and her friend at Larrabee State Park in Washington

I had the opportunity to photograph the double-header weekend of cyclocross near Seattle in September, Starrcrossed on Saturday and Rapha/Focus GP on Sunday

Photographing Belgian Bart Wellens, a cyclocross superstar was a thrill for me

I spent most weekends from September to December photographing and racing in the local cyclocross events

The last photographic outing for me in 2011 was December 29th at the Burnaby Velodrome during the 3-day Boxing Week Blowout event.

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